Quality Policy

Our mission is to meet everyday needs for nutrition hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life. And a key requirement is building in the quality expectations of our consumers into our products.

Our Commitment

To win consumers confidence and loyalty, we need to consistently deliver branded products of excellent quality. We understand different needs of our consumers and customers and strive to develop and deliver superior brands to ensure that they are the preferred choice.

And by applying consistently high standards, we are able to do things right first time, cut waste, reduce costs and drive profitability.

Principles of Quality policy

We have mandatory quality standards in place against which compliance is verified through regular audits and self assessments. These standards ensure we design, manufacture and supply products that are safe, and of excellent quality.

We actively engage our consumers and customers translating their needs and requirements into our products and services, thus creating consumer value wherever we position our products.

Quality and consumer safety is the responsibility of every employee of our Company. The drive for Quality, in all that we do, is a passion reflected in our brand development, manufacturing and customer service processes. We provide leadership, promote transparency and share best practice and we have effective working relationship with suppliers and contact manufacturer.

We are proactively and continuously developing our system and processes to ensure Quality and safety throughout the whole value chain, and we are setting a benchmark for the business.

We provide appropriate training and resources, and will ensure that we deliver our quality objectives and targets. We regularly measure and improve our performances using both internal and external measures.

We actively promote our quality policy and have a quality assurance organization in place to ensure consistency and visibility of quality standards, processes and performance indicator across all our business at all levels.



ISO – 9001:2015






Laboratory Instruments

We have world class facilities for processing and testing minerals, and meets the specifications of national and international standards eg; IP, BIS, USP, BP, EP, JP and Food codex.

Our world class testing facilities includes ……

Atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) - AA 240 for detection of all Trace elements

Milolta Spectophotomer - CM2500 d for accurate L, a, b color measurement

Fourier transform infra red spectrometer - CARY630 for the identification of presence of asbestos

UV Spectrophotometer - UV 1900 for trace metal analysis, Total iron and free iron estimation

Laserophot - LX 61 for whiteness and Brighness measurement

Fourier transform infra red spectrometer - CARY630 for the identification of presence of asbestos

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