Overview & Location

Overview & location

We cater to our mineral requirements sourcing lumps from our own world class pits expanding pan India.

The visionary idols behind every operation at Hi-Tech Minerals and Chemicals believe to carve a niche in their domain with the company’s present infrastructure, matchless quality and a complete basket of services. The company has a state-of-art infrastructure to help it reach its target. The Infrastructure facilities of the company includes :-

To further smoothen the process of proper administration the working procedure has been well planned and divided amongst four major departments.

The various machines installed for the production purpose are :


Processing and Grinding

The minerals sourced from our approved and audited mines are grinded in our grinding facilities, post series of processes and quality checks in positive pressure, compact and ambient temperature. The unloading of lumps is followed by a thorough Quality Check and control, assuring all critical parameters(CCP) in place and then the lumps are unloaded and processed for sun drying, at an expanse of 50000 sq. km of land to combat any microbial contamination, if present.


HTMC takes huge pride in stating that it offers a huge range of sterilisation options to its clients in terms of steam, UV, Gamma and EO, in a house with strict control on their permissible levels in the FG.

Warehouses and Packaging

HTMC has completely automated packaging lines and offers packaging in all types of bags and in all sizes. Our units offer, HDPE,paper and fibre barrels as packaging options in all customisable sizes for proper utilisation of containers and trucks. We offer 25 kg,50kg, as well as Jumbo bags of 1000kg of requested. HTMC also offers tanker services as requested to transport bulk materials across the country.

The expanse of HTMC is spread pan India with warehouses in all major locations like Bhiwandi, Pondicherry, Haridwar and others to meet the JIT requirements of the clientele we cater to. We have stocking spaces in and around major areas with storing capacity of 20,000 sq feet, handling the bulk minerals we specialise in.

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