Kaolin And China Clay

Kaolin and China Clay

Rocks that are rich in kaolinite are known as kaolin or china clay. Kaolin or China Clay is soft, earthy, and usually white in colour. It is a type of hydrated aluminium silicate crystalline mineral formed over many millions of years by the hydrothermal decomposition of granite rocks. HTMC Manufactures kaolin of various types, including the widely popular Hydrous kaolin, and Calcined Kaolin.

Know Your Kaolin

Chemical composition of Kaolin/China Clay:

Physical Properties

What is Calcination?

Calcination is the chemical process that increases whiteness and hardness of the kaolin particles, improves their electrical properties, and alters their size and shape.

Ensuring Excellence

Kaolin/China Clay manufactured at HTMC are used in a multiplicity of industries because of its unique physical and chemical properties. While HTMC pays attention to the various physical properties, such as shape, particle size, colour, softness, non-abrasiveness, and more, we also consistently monitor the numerous chemical properties, including a comparatively low base exchange capacity, chemical properties of the kaolin surface, relative insolubility, etc.

Processing Perfection

HTMC sources its kaolin from the superior pits in order to meet our clients’ requirements and to assure a 100% quality satisfaction. We have 2 manufacturing sites in India that manage our China clay production of both hydrous and calcined grade. We enforce constant supervision of moisture content during the manufacturing as an integral parameter, and proudly claim to manufacture China Clay with less than 0.5% moisture.

Our Industrial Solutions

HTMC is proud to offer a wide range of innovative and sustainable engineered kaolin-based solutions to help optimize performance across several industries, as mentioned below:





HTMC-Customised kaolin finds an integral application in paper manufacturing, especially in coated paper, because of its improved surface functionality when used as fillers or coating pigments. It enables papermakers to cut costs and foster more sustainable processes. HTMC-made china clay is utilized to impart gloss, smoothness, printability and improved barrier performance in paper and packaging applications. 


The high fusion temperature and white firing characteristics of HTMC-Engineered grade of China Clay make it particularly suitable for the manufacture of sanitaryware, tableware, wall and floor tiles and refractories. 


Kaolin processed by HTMC are used as 100% natural ingredients for face creams, face masks and cosmetics. They are appreciated for their superior capabilities of mattifying skin, and absorbing sebum and other impurities. HTMC Guarantees a 100% nil presence of asbestos and cadmium and adheres to all safety standards and limits for its usage in the cosmetic industry.


HTMC-Regulated china clay and calcined kaolin are found to improve the mechanical properties, porosity and appearance of various types of concrete and cement, providing an excellent alumina source for the production of fiberglass.


China Clay is an excellent natural opacifier and a partial replacement for titanium dioxide. HTMC-Designed Kaolin has been proved time and again to stand on these parameters and acts as an ideal additive in high gloss paints. HTMC-mechanised Kaolin is also used as an extender and flattening agent in paints.


Kaolin-grades processed at HTMC  are used for filling rubber to improve its mechanical strength and resistance to abrasion.


Kaolin manufactured at HTMC facilities is used by reputed pharmaceutical manufactures for treating ailments, such as, mild-to-moderate diarrhoea, severe diarrheal (dysentery), and cholera. HTMC-made kaolin is also used to relieve soreness and swelling inside the mouth caused by radiation treatments. It also acts as a filler, as lubricants in manufacturing pills; disintegrants; anticaking and thickening agents; binders and diluents; emulsifiers; and carriers of biologically active molecules for improving drugs bioavailability

HTMC is proud to present its grades in terms of light, IP/BP/EP/JP/USP Grades.

Soap And Detergents

HTMC-Curated Kaolin is used essentially as a filler in soap production. It also gives the structure and acts as a riser, but the most important function of kaolin is to reduce cost of production.