Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime

Calcium hydroxide (traditionally called slaked lime) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Ca(OH)2. It is a colorless crystal or white powder and is produced when quicklime (calcium oxide) is mixed or slaked with water. It has many names including hydrated lime, caustic lime, builders’ lime, slack lime, cal, and pickling lime., Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) is a dry, colorless crystalline powder manufactured by treating calcium oxide (quicklime) with water, in a process called “slaking.”

Hydrated Lime from HTMC:

HTMC manufactured hydrated lime is well equipped for food and pharma applications, basis its productions in SS vessels with complete m




Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Mining Industry:

HTMC manufactured hydrated lime Adjusts acidity of wastewater and used as a chemical in mineral dressing process.

Sugar Industry:

Hydrated Lime manufactured by HTMC Remove impurities found in raw sugar and white sugar.

Bioplastics Industry:

HTMC specialises in hydrated lime which is used as a Component in the fermentation of sugar and tapioca which are the basic ingredients in making bioplastic.

Iron and Steel Industry:

Removal minerals or impurities during a process of metal smelting, and production of high quality steel that uses a furnaces is a specialized form of Hydrated lime from HTMC.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry:

HTMC manufactures hydrated lime used as Ingredient in production of basic chemicals, such as soda ash and calcium carbide.

Agricultural Industry:

  • HTMC’s Hydrated Lime forms a wide array of applications in:
  • Improve soil quality, adjust soil acidity.
  • Neutralize acidity of shrimp farms.
  • Added to increase calcium in animal feed.

Flue Gas and Water Treatment Industry:

  • Hydrated Lime from HTMC is used to:
  • Expel sulfur dioxide gas that arises from electric power and waste incineration plants
  • Aid in the flocculation of small particles of sediments, and eliminate or lessen hard water to produce clear water

Construction and Construction Materials Industry: 

  • HTMC Manufactured hydrated lime is:
  • Used as raw material in the manufacturing of cement, light weight bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete and other construction materials.
  • Used as ingredient to improve the qualification of plaster / mortar.
  • Adjust soil condition before construction work.

Food Industry:

HTMC manufactures hydrated lime of its low toxicity and the mildness of its basic properties, slaked lime is widely used in the food industry.

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