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About Us

With two decades of leadership and service to core industries since its inception in 1995, the HI-Tech Minerals and Chemicals is acknowledged as India’s leading company in its areas of business relating to Natural Minerals like talc.

Unparalelled knowledge of processes, proficiency in technology, core competencies in the product from ‘start to completion’ – is the hallmark of the company. Founded by the visionary Sandeep Baid, Hi Tech is today one of the leading Exporters, Manufacturers, Traders, Suppliers, Wholesalers and Distributors of the premium grade minerals like Sterilised Talc of all Grades, Quartz, Feldspar, Dolomite, China Clay, Ball Clay, Fire Clay, Hydrated Lime etc. and enjoys a global reputation built on trust. Our exclusive range of minerals have always been appreciated for their accurate composition/purity and enjoys widespread application. We basically collect soap stone (Talc) of finest quality from our approved mines & grind into powder form for use of Talc in multifarious industries such as Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, food, Paint industries, Pesticides, Rubber industries, Petrochemicals and even Paper industries & Petrochemicals.

The organisation has a multidisciplinary team of professionals with in-depth understanding of the latest trends, combining creativity with initiatives. The employees of the company are competent to manage challenging projects and it is the sum of their individual achievements and teamwork that combine to make the company successful. The use of state-of-the-art technology and in-house research have made Hi-Tech a name to reckon with in each of its product.

The company is committed to hygiene oriented products, cost efficiency and time bound deliveries which gives it a primary competitive advantage and a leverage over others in the fields. Through an array of uncompromising integrity, transperency in its dealings, unwavering commitment and a performance driven attitude the company strives hard to make a mark for itself and provide improved services to all its esteemed clients. The company has an impressive track record of effectively addressing the product, expertise, and technological requirements of an endless list of national and international clients. As a result the products of the company are being exported to South East Asian Countries, Middle East, Europe, Africa and Egypt etc.

The entire team at Hi Tech Minerals and Chemicals is dedicated to contributing to the economic and environmental growth of the society in which it works. With a comprehensive and clear understanding of businesses across segments we are all committed to channelize our expertise to the end limits.

Vision, Mission & Core Values


We Aim to be a leading Minerals & Chemicals conglomerate. Committed to ethical and responsible business practices. Delivering exceptional quality to a diversified customer base. Achieving this through the collective energies of our people


Our mission is to become that one big player in a highly fragmented industry through increased aggregation, catering to industry wide customers through JIT supply chains at an optimized cost by employing our considerable and evolving technical, manufacturing and logistics capabilities.

The Core Value

CMD's Message

A warm Welcome to the HTMC Group of companies. With over two decades of leadership and service to core industries since its inception in 1995, HI-Tech Minerals and Chemicals is acknowledged as India’s leading Mineral conglomerate. We cater to some of the best names in the business both on the domestic and international front.We export to over 40 countries worldwide.

With a team of qualified professionals, HTMC, is fully geared to meet the demands of the global market place. We have laid a strong foundation in the markets we operate with our vision and to produce the talc in the most hygienic conditions. All our business operations are proportionally related to our primary goal of placing customers on top with an unswerving commitment to offer the best to them. Every member of the group works dedicatedly towards realization of this vision. The core principles and values of the company continues to be the foundation for HTMC to serve its stakeholders.

In order to meet the stringent quality standards of our customers, we have invested in state of the art equiments at our laboratories.We have been certified by various agencies including USFDA.

HTMC group has been associated with various CSR activities which reflects our true connect with the community at large.The group has been environmentally responsible and has been extremely conscious in managing the balance.

We embark a strong focus on improving our services and set new benchmarks to bring about paradigm change, thus keeping our organization always ahead of the curve. The fundamental pillars of our success remain our skilled, dedicated, talented and motivated workforce who continue to harness their diverse synergies and give the very best to help the company climb the success ladder. I take this opportunity to thank my team who is committed to stringent delivery standards and deliver the one thing that our customers want most – ‘QUALITY GOODS AND SERVICES’.

I am confident that our pioneering entrepreneurial spirit will help us to expand our global footprint and we will continue to advance on the growth path in the coming days.


Environment Policy

Kalyani Mine products Pvt. Ltd supplies high quality goods and services to meet the daily needs of consumers and industries. In doing so, the company is committed to exhibit the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards its consumers, employees, the societies and the world in which we live in.

Our Commitment

The company recognizes its joint responsibility with the government and the public to protect the environment and is committed to regulate all its activities so as to follow the best practicable means for minimizing adverse environmental impact arising out of its operation.

The company is committed to making its products environmentally acceptable, while fulfilling consumer’s requirements for excellent quality, performance and safety.

The aim of the policy is to do all that is reasonable practicable to prevent or minimize, encompassing all available knowledge and information, the risk of an adverse environmental impact arising from the processing of the product.

The Vision

Our vision is to continue to be an environmentally responsible organization making continuous improvements in the management of the environmental impact of our operation.

Safety and Health Policy

Our Policy is to continually improve the business whilst providing reliable, consistent products and flexible services that meet the needs of the clients and maximize our potential in the markets We serve .

KMPPL is committed to SAFE and HEALTHY working environment across its factory.

KMPPL is committed to: